• UC Berkeley Terner Center's "Development Dashboard" Highlights Importance of Development Costs, Other Market Conditions

  • A recent blog post by UC Berkeley Terner Center for Housing Innovation Director Carol Galante discusses the latest results from the Center's Housing Development Dashboard. According to the Center, the Dashboard is "an interactive platform that allows policymakers, developers, and members of the public to quickly and easily understand the interaction of land use measures and market conditions on housing production." The Center has used the Dashboard to examine the impacts of various land use and housing policies on production and affordability in specific local jurisdictions. The recently released analyses highlight the importance of development costs and other local market conditions when confronting proposals to adopt or "strengthen" policies such as mandatory inclusionary zoning, and cautions that the actual impact of these policies can diverge from their avowed intent:

    "Oakland’s case illustrates the importance of drilling down into not just the intent of these policies, but their impact when considered in context of current market conditions, and policies already in place on the ground. Ultimately, just “piling on” inclusionary requirements without looking at these market and policy interactions will backfire (less, and less affordable units, will get built overall and fewer fees will be paid)."