• State Updates HAA Advisory

  • Catch up on the latest changes to California's Housing Accountability Act (HAA) in an updated technical advisory memo that reflects state laws approved in 2017-2019. The act is designed to limit the ability of local governments to deny, reduce the density or render housing development projects, emergency shelters, or farmworker housing infeasible that are consistent with objective local development standards and contribute to meeting housing needs. It also imposes a $10,000 per unit penalty on cities and counties that, for unjustified reasons, deny approval of new homes for Californians.

    Produced by the California Housing & Community Development Dept., this memo provides guidance on implementation of the Housing Accountability Act including changes from:

    • Chapter 368, Statutes of 2017 (Senate Bill 167)
    • Chapter 373, Statutes of 2017 (Assembly Bill 678)
    • Chapter 378, Statutes of 2017 (Assembly Bill 1515)
    • Chapter 243, Statutes of 2018 (Assembly Bill 3194)
    • Chapter 654, Statutes of 2019 (Senate Bill 330)
    • Preliminary application process available through Senate Bill 330

    For more information or to ask questions, contact HCD's Division of Housing Policy Development at 916-263-2911.