• SB 330 and North San Jose Area Development Policy (NSJADP)

  • In December, in advance of Senate Bill SB330 going in into effect on January 1, 2020, San Jose Deputy Director Kim Walesh, Directors Rosalynn Hughey and John Ristow presented a Status Report on the proposed amendments to the North San Jose Area Development Policy based upon their interpretation of SB330. Per the city’s interpretation of SB330 residential development in North San Jose may proceed as follows: “Based upon new state law housing mandates (SB 330) staff advises residential development may occur in North San Jose regardless of the limitations on residential development in each Policy phase in accordance with state law effective January 1, 2020, so long as each development obtains appropriate CEQA environmental clearance for its project.”

    In May 2019, prior to the passage of SB 330, the city was working on policy amendments needed to advance 8,000 housing units from the NSJADP Phase 2 into Phase 1. The proposed policy amendment would have realigned the four phases of 8,000 residential units into two phases of 16,000 residential units for Phase I and Phase II.

    Staff plans to return to Council in early/first quarter 2020 with updates regarding environmental compliance and 2006 Settlement agreement modifications as they work to facilitate NSJADP Policy Amendments to facilitate North San Jose near term residential development policy amendment(s). To read the Staff Memo, click here.