• Natural Gas Pipeline Defect Continues to Impact Homebuilders

  • The producer of small diameter natural gas pipe that found defects in its product is estimating that it will take an additional one to two weeks to restart production and shipping. As a result, PG&E is prohibiting installation and pressurization of Dura-Line natural gas pipe of certain sizes and service stub completions, according to the utilities' latest bulletin.

    At this time, Dura-Line has had no reports of pipe failure and does not believe that the affected pipes "pose a risk of near-term performance issues."  The company cannot yet specify which pipe was affected by batch number or production dates. Testing and analysis continues, Dura-Line reported. 

    Builders who have used or are using Dura-Line pipe potentially affected by the defect should have been contacted by PG&E representatives, said PG&E Bay/Central Region Director Nina Bubnova. If you have concerns or questions and do not have a PG&E staffer assigned to your project or you have not been notified, click HERE for a PG&E Leadership Contact list. For questions or comments, contact BIA's Lisa Vorderbrueggen at lvorderbrueggen@biabayarea.org