• Milpitas Development Services Study

  • City of Milpitas Development Services permitting improvements, staffing efficiencies, and other development activities as well as accompanying fee increases will be reviewed, presented and discussed for City Council adoption during the month of April. The City Council has authorized the City Manager to Execute Contract with Matrix consulting group to conduct a Service Delivery/Organizational Assessment and Fee Study. The consultant work commenced in October 2018 with anticipated completion in May 2019. To read the Staff Report click HERE. Here is the schedule of next steps for the Development Services Study:
    ◾April 5: Developer Stakeholder Outreach – High level overview of the draft findings and summary of City Council comments, and working dialog.
    ◾April 16 City Council draft report review – Introduce the formal study, report findings and recommendations, and receive comments.
    ◾April 25 Developer Stakeholder Outreach – Final working dialog regarding findings, potential adjustments, and City Council comments.
    ◾April 30 City Council consideration – Receive report, recommendations, and consider adoption of proposed fee schedule.