• Milpitas Development Services Studies

  • The Milpitas City Council will consider development services fee increases and other adjustments at the April 30, 2019 meeting. The City has released two studies by the Matrix Consulting Group that explore process and costs of supplying development services. 1) The Evaluation of the Development Review Process summarizes the findings, conclusions, and recommendations regarding the organizational, staffing levels, processes, and service delivery portion of the study, with over 40 recommendations for the various departments within the Community Development CSA to implement over time. Recommendations range from identification of specific process improvements to adding new positions precisely targeted to facilitate such improvement and service delivery at a best in class level. They are analyzed internally, compared to peer cities, as well as to industry best practices. Funding sources for these recommendations are focused on cost recovery through development permit fees. In addition, recommendations include reduced reliance on General Fund revenues and increased focus in development permit revenues, as extensively analyzed in detail in the second report, The Development Review Cost of Services (User Fee) Study. This report analyzes the cost of service relationships that exist between fees for service activities and provides an understanding of current service levels, the cost and demand for those services, and what fees for service can and should be charged.

    To read the Development Services Process study click here

    Report on the Evaluation of the Development Review Process begins on page 284.
    Report on the Development Review  Cost of Services (User Fee) Study on page 444