• HCD Publishes List of "Affected" Cities and Counties under SB 330

  • SB 330 (Skinner) was one of the principal housing reform statutes enacted by the Legislature in 2019. It became effective Jan. 1, 2020. While many of SB 330's provisions (including those related to vested rights and permit streamlining) apply to all cities and counties, the restrictions on local actions contained in newly created Gov. Code Sec. 66300 apply only in "affected" cities and counties as defined by SB 330. Among the restrictions now applicable in "affected" cities and counties are limitations on downzoning, imposing moratoria, imposing non-objective design standards, and implementing certain kinds of growth management ordinances.

    The California Department of Housing and Community Development has published the list of "affected" cities and counties. In the case of counties, it is areas within counties and not necessarily an entire county that is "affected." The attached spreadsheet shows the affected cities and counties as identified by HCD. It appears that almost every city in the Bay Area is deemed an "affected city." SB 330's provisions will sunset in 2025 unless the Legislature acts to extend them. Click HERE for the spreadsheet.