• City of San Jose 4-Year General Plan Update

  • The City of San Jose 4-Year General Plan Update begins this Wednesday with an overview of the General Plan Policy items that will be brought to the 42-member General Plan Task Force for review and recommendation to the full council. The Urban Village policy items to be reviewed by staff at the November 20th meeting include:
    · Redistribution of Planned Growth and Urban Village Boundary Modifications: Analyze limited redistribution of planned jobs and housing growth within urban villages, adjustments to urban village boundaries, and removing certain urban villages or adding new urban villages.
    · Mixed-Income Housing within Mixed-Use Developments in Urban Villages: Consider allowing mixed-income housing within mixed-use developments with a significant percentage of restricted affordable homes to proceed within an urban village ahead of a Growth Horizon (General Plan Policy IP-5.12).
    · Urban Village Growth Horizons: Evaluate the City’s jobs/housing balance, fiscal sustainability, housing supply, and infrastructure to determine whether to move Urban Villages that are in a future Horizon (Horizon 2 or Horizon 3) into the current Plan Horizon (General Plan Policy IP-2.5).
    · Residential Pool Units: Consider whether to reset the number of units in the Residential Pool to 5,000 to allow entitlement of residential projects within urban village areas not included within the current plan horizon (General Plan Policy IP-2.11).
    · Other Urban Village Policy Amendments:
                o Modify General Plan Policy IP-5.5 to provide more flexibility in the Urban Village planning process for establishing the location, timing and mix of residential and commercial development in an Urban Village Plan area.
                o Modify Signature Project Policy IP-5.10 to establish appropriate, clear, and more predictable minimum residential densities for Signature Projects and to establish more clarity on the amount of commercial space that would be required for Signature Projects.

    A listing of the additional policy items that will be considered during the 2019 General Plan Review include:
    1) Coyote Valley
    2) Opportunity Housing
    3) Residential Uses in Underutilized Business Corridors
    4) Commercial Space Requirements for Affordable Developments
    5) Urban Village Implementation and Affordable Housing Goals
    6) Shift Planned Residential Capacity to Downtown
    7) Vehicle Miles Traveled Tier II Policies
    8) Evergreen-East Hills Development Policy

    Future GP Task Force meetings will be held in the City Hall Wing Rooms 118-119 from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm as follows:
    Thursday, 12/18/19
    Thursday, 1/30/20
    Thursday, 2/27/20
    Thursday, 3/26/20
    Thursday, 4/8/20 Four-Year Review Finale

    To read the November 20, 2019 GP Task Force Agenda click here, to read the GP Task Force Overview Memo click here, to review a list of Task Force members, click here.