• City of Fremont Design Review

  • All new buildings, additions to buildings, and building site improvements require design review inspections by City staff. The purpose of design review is to implement the City’s General Plan and ensure compliance with zoning regulations and adopted design rules and guidelines.

    Due to the Alameda County Shelter in Place Order to limit the spread of COVID-19, several of the City’s design review staff are working remotely. Design review inspections for buildings under construction are now being handled remotely using photographs provided by the project contractor.

    To start the design review inspection process, applicants should send an email to dr_insp@fremont.gov with their permit number, project address, and the following photographs:

    • All sides of the building(s), with all sides labeled (east, west, front, back, etc.)
    • The landscape areas, noting the location (front yard, planter strip, etc.)
    • The common areas and public improvements, if applicable

    Design review inspectors from Planning, Engineering, and Landscape Architecture will follow up with applicants and may request additional photographs in order to complete the inspections. For more information, please contact design review staff at 510-494-4480 or by email.