• BCDC Proposes Bay Plan Amendments Addressing Social Equity/Environmental Justice

  • On June 6, the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) will hear a presentation from staff that includes preliminary recommendations to adopt amendments to the Bay Plan relating to Social Equity and Environmental Justice. According to the staff report [attached], staff is recommending the Bay Plan be amended to include new findings and policies that would address social equity/environmental justice in the Public Access, Shoreline Protection, and Mitigation sections.

    For example, in the Public Access section, staff is proposing to add the following language:

    "Public access that substantially changes the use or character of the site should be sited, designed, and managed based on meaningful community involvement to create public access that is inclusive and welcoming to all and embraces local multicultural and indigenous history and presence. In particular, underrepresented communities should be involved. If previous outreach and engagement was insufficient, further outreach and engagement should be conducted prior to Commission action.

    " Another example is in the Shoreline Protection section, where staff is proposing to add the following language:

    "New shoreline protection projects and the maintenance or reconstruction of existing projects and uses should be authorized if:...

    and (f) adverse impacts to adjacent or nearby areas, such as increased flooding or accelerated erosion, are avoided or minimized. If such impacts cannot be avoided or minimized, measures to compensate should be required."

    BCDC could take final action on the proposed Bay Plan amendments at its July 18 meeting.