• BCDC Online Sea Level Rise/Flooding Mapping Tool Now Live

  • The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) has developed a website to host interactive maps of sea level rise and flooding in San Francisco Bay. The website, called the Adapting to Rising Tides (ART) Bay Area Flood Explorer, includes a new set of sea level rise and flood scenario maps developed by BCDC’s ART Program and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission in order to support sea level rise adaptation planning in the Bay Area. The mapping tool has now gone live.

    The issue of mapping potential future shoreline inundation of areas is an important one for BIA's members and BIA Bay Area provided input and suggestions as part of the development process. Perhaps most significantly, at BIA's request, BCDC has included the following "disclaimer" language in the online mapping tool so that stakeholders and members of the public have a clear understanding of the intended uses:

    The maps are not detailed to the parcel-scale and should not be used for navigation, permitting, regulation, project review, mitigation, actuarial estimations, or other legal uses.

    The website address is: https://explorer.adaptingtorisingtides.org/explorer