• Alameda May Expand Labor Requirements

  • The City of Alameda is considering whether or not to expand to private developments a requirement to negotiate work deals with labor groups through what it calls Project Stabilization Agreements or PSAs. The city has since 2017 mandated the use of a PSA for all city construction projects. It has also strongly encouraged private developers with development plans on city owned property to reach deals with labor as part of their Development Agreements (DAs,) such as Alameda Point, Site A.

    Under the policy expansion proposal, any project valued at $5 million or more that requires a DA would fall under the new rule. In addition, certain affordable housing projects and not-for-profit developments on city owned or city-leased land would be subject to the PSA requirement. Lastly, any project that receives a direct or indirect public subsidy valued at $5 million or more would be required to negotiate a PSA. While builders do enter into PLAs and PSAs, a city mandate provides another layer of complexity and uncertainty.

    The matter hit the Alameda City Council's midnight time limit on Jan. 19, 2021, and has been continued to Feb. 2. Click HERE to view and download the agenda and staff report. BIA is working with members to develop an appropriate response to the city. Members with questions or concerns should contact BIA's Lisa Vorderbrueggen at lvorderbrueggen@biabayarea.org.