• Air District Previews Draft Clean Air Plan Update

  • The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) will update its Clean Air Plan in 2016. As part of the Clean Air Plan update, BAAQMD will develop a Regional Climate Protection Strategy. BAAQMD has posted a document representing "a list of all the draft control measures and their potential implementing regulations that have been identified by Air District staff and interested stakeholders for the 2016 Clean Air Plan/Regional Climate Protection Strategy."

    With respect to the building industry, the document identifies as potential measures: "Indirect Source Review--Consider a rule that sets air quality performance standards for new and modified development projects....Reduce Health Risks in Local Communities--Assist local governments with health protective infill development via Planning Healthy Places guidance document." (http://www.baaqmd.gov/~/media/files/planning-and-research/plans/clean-air-plan-update/control-measures-summary-with-implementation-actions-010516-pdf.pdf?la=en).

    BAAQMD is accepting public comments on this initial draft control measures document through March 9. According to the District, the CAP/RCPS development process will then be as follows:

    • Staff will post full control measure descriptions that include the Implementation Actions listed above in February 2016.
    • Release a public draft of the CAP/RCPS for public review and comment in June/July 2016.
    • Take a final draft CAP/RCPS to the Air District Board in October/November 2016.